EPC Winners of Major Scholarships and Fellowships

        * Jessie Moravek, NOAA Hollings Scholarship, 2014

        * Mark Silberg, Udall Scholarship, 2012-2013, Honorable Mention

        * Kevin Short, Northwestern Circumnavigator Grant, 2013

        * Elizabeth Miller, Udall Scholarship, 2011-12, Honorable Mention
        * Julia Steege, Princeton in Latin America, 2011-12
        * Rachel Smith, Fulbright Scholarship, 2010-11
        * Emily Wright, Udall Scholarship, 2010-11
        * Elizabeth Meryl Summers, Fulbright Scholarship, 2009-10
        * Sam McAleese, Northwestern Circumnavigator Grant, 2009
        * Sam Schiller, Udall Scholarship, 2008-09


* EPC students cultivate Wild Roots on the south lawn of Norris Center

* EPC students are participating in a student-staff collaborative effort to develop sustainable food practices and products on campus through Wild Roots, on the south lawn of Norris center. Molly Hoisington says the garden is thriving yielding vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. You can join the facebook group by searching Wild Roots at Northwestern University or check out the blog at  Even better- come see the garden and help it grow!  


Jessie Moravek

Junior, Environmental Science and EPC

I participated in the Field School in the summer of 2013 as a hydrology intern at Ashley National Forest in northeastern Utah.  I spent ten weeks hiking around the forest taking water quality samples of springs and fens, in order to help the Forest Service manage groundwater resources for cattle and oil development. Not only did I experience working in the field, I learned the importance of effective communication between scientists and the community.  I had a lot of fun, too- I went on a whitewater rafting trip, backpacked in the national forest, and visited Arches National Park. Ultimately, the Field School gave me a better understanding of how science and research can be applied to management issues.



October 15, 2014