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Welcome to LEMMings@Northwestern

LEMMings@Northwestern is a resource for local work in philosophy on Language, Epistemology, Mind, and Metaphysics.



Why LEMMings

In late November of 2004 Brian Weatherson (Rutgers University) was looking for a label for the areas of philosophy that he (and many others) worked in. He wrote at the time that:


"The best suggestions seemed to be that I have a purely disjunctive label. But “Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Mind” seemed to be too long. What we needed was a shortening. Maybe an acronym. But LEMM seemed boring. If we just add a suffix we could have a name. I know… LEMMINGS!"

The moniker has stuck, though we are still waiting for a job ad in Jobs for Philosophers saying “We want to hire a Lemming”.