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Annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop

The Midwest Epistemology Workshop (MEW) aims to advance interest in epistemology by organizing an annual workshop for the presentation and discussion of current work in the field. MEW also aims to establish a sense of community among epistemologists in the region that stimulates new research, improves its quality, and facilitates its dissemination. To this end, the workshop will be organized to encourage as much discussion and interaction as possible among the participants. Although workshops will typically be hosted by a college or university in the Midwest, all philosophers with an interest in epistemology are invited and encouraged to attend.

The University of Michigan will be hosting the 7th annual meeting of the Midwest Epistemology Workshop. The meeting will take place October 17th - 18th, 2014. More information to come as the date approaches.

The Midwest Epistemology Workshop is now on Facebook!