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1st Annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop

Friday, Nov. 30th—Saturday, Dec. 1st

Keynote Speaker: Ernest Sosa, Rutgers University

Northwestern University hosted the first annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop. The workshop is an annual event where epistemologists present and discuss recently completed work or work in progress that is close to completion.

The first workshop consisted of nine nonconcurrent sessions, each involving a presentation of approximately 40 minutes followed by 40 minutes of discussion. Workshop papers were made available to participants in advance of the workshop. This year's presenters included Robert Audi (Notre Dame), Al Casullo (Nebraska), Richard Fumerton (Iowa), Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern), John Greco (Saint Louis University), David Henderson (Nebraska), Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), Matt McGrath (Missouri), and Baron Reed (Northwestern).

Most of the contributions from the first annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop are published in the journal Philosophical Studies Volume 142, Number 1 / January, 2009.