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Consortium Events

Table of Consortium Events


Date & Time

September 26

Prof. Michelle Kosch (Cornell University)


Contact Person: Rachel Zuckert



Other Events


Date & Time Event Location
October 1-2, 2016 Inaugural Conference of the Society for German Idealism and Romanticism: "The Role of the Imagination in German Idealism and Romanticism" University of Chicago
Throughout the year Philosophy and History Workshop

Notre Dame University

107 O’Shaughnessy



For more information visit this website: http://blogs.nd.edu/philosophyandhistoryworkshop


German Philosophy Workshop


University of Chicago

Unless otherwise noted, all German Philosophy Workshop events are on Fridays, 1:30-4:20pm in Wieboldt 408.


May 13: Claire Kirwin (Chicago),"Pulling Oneself up by the Hair: Understanding Nietzsche on the freedom of the will"


May 27: Jessica Tizzard (Chicago), "Forms of Rational Determination: a study of practical and theoretical sensibility in Kant"


June 10: Andrew Pitel (Chicago), "Kant and Things in Themselves"


For more information visit this website: http://cas.uchicago.edu/workshops/germanphilosophy/